“I tried a different lotion which caused a severe allergic reaction to several areas on my legs.  The only thing that helped soothe the irritation was the #5 Body Butter.  Within two days of use, my legs were back to normal”.
Jamie B.
“The Cinna-Ginger Lip Balm is truly the best lip balm I’ve ever used, and that is saying something!  (I’ve used just about every brand known to man).  I look forward to buying more products from you.”
Lisa H.
“Polliwog’s Lavender, Jasmine & Rosemary deodorant is literally the only aluminum free deodorant that works. I am an extremely active person and have tried every natural odor blocker there is; Polliwog not only makes me public ready all summer long but I actually smell good after biking from Minneapolis to St. Paul. Not sure how it’s possible but Polliwog has figured it out; for that, I am eternally grateful”.
Wendy W.
““The Lavender-Vanilla Body Balm immensely helped my dry, cracked skin and hands!”
Chrissy O.
“Polliwog’s Fresh Face Cleansing System is genius and is now a part of my skin care routine that I can’t live without! Part I thoroughly cleanses and hydrates and Part II is so refreshing. It removes makeup incredibly well and has softened my complexion immensely – my skin feels so soft and hydrated now, it’s fantastic!”
Mallory O.
“The Super Hydrating Face Cream has changed my life! I’m so happy to have a found a natural product of this texture and performance and it has literally eliminated my use of coverup. It hydrates so deeply that it made me realize the cause of some blemishes was due to lack of proper moisturizing. The consistency is light yet velvety which makes it a dream to apply, and the skin absorbs it so fully leaving my face bright and clear and even!”
Mallory O.
“The Josh Bar is my new go-to for cracked or dry hands.  It doesn’t leave a greasy residue like other brands, and the woodsy scent is an added bonus.  Keep one at home and one in your travel pack.”
Randy T.
“I love having a natural deodorant that works well and smells great.  Polliwog’s Lavender, Jasmine and Rosemary Deodorant is wonderful!”
Kerry F.
“I’ve been using Polliwog Essential’s #5 Body Butter for several years, and it’s wonderful. It has a lovely smooth texture, great smell, and absorbs quickly without an oily residue, keeping skin soft and hydrated. Great for sensitive skin!”
Shari M.
"Polliwog's Calm & Restore deodorant is amazing! I have particularly sensitive armpits and cannot use other traditional deodorants with sulfates, aluminum, fragrances or other chemical preservatives. The Calm & Restore keeps me irritation free and smelling great! Thank you Polliwog for Calm & Restore!"
Cody D.