Polliwogging Tips for Super Hydrating Face Cream

Polliwogging Tips For Super Hydrating Face Cream

Unlike many products, our Super Hydrating Face Creams are water-free! No water=no evaporation so your skin will stay soft and hydrated longer! Because we use no water in these products, you may notice that you need to employ a different application method, especially if you are accustomed to products that use water as a primary ingredient. Water-based products tend to have a lot of “slip” to them, giving the impression that only a small amount is required to cover a large area of skin. And while it is true that the product will spread over a large area easily, once the water evaporates off, your skin can be left feeling dry again very soon. 

Using the included spatula, scoop a small amount of cream onto fingertips of one hand, spread this amount between fingertips of both hands and pat all over face, neck and decollete.  Blend over face and use additional amounts as needed, applying in same way, patting then blending until complete coverage is achieved.  Use additional very small amounts in areas prone to fine lines, wrinkles or extreme dryness.

Allow cream to penetrate, then continue with makeup or go without!  This beautiful cream will leave your skin glowing and looking so gorgeous you may not need it! 


*Which to choose?  Rosemary Sage or Floral Essence.

Both of these creams tackle extreme dryness and work beautifully for most skin types.  If your skin is very dry, mature and/or very sensitive, then the Floral Essence Cream may be a better choice for you.  If your skin tends towards combination skin with larger pores, then the Rosemary Sage might be your favorite.