How long do your products last?

Polliwog products are crafted using the finest and freshest ingredients available.  We carefully blend them with a balance of natural preservatives and antioxidants to ensure that most of our products will last for a minimum of one year under proper storage conditions.   Products that should be used in a shorter period of time to fully enjoy their maximum benefits contain shelf life information on the label particular to that product.


Are Your Products Organic?

The term "Organic" applies to agricultural products including food, feed or fiber and organic certification is granted from the USDA, not the FDA which is the governing body for cosmetic and personal care manufacture. No cosmetic or personal care products are legally labeled from the FDA as "Organic" as no FDA certification process for finished organic cosmetic or personal care products exists.  We do use as many organic ingredients in our products as possible and also only purchase ingredients from reputable suppliers who embrace "no animal testing" and "no animal cruelty" policies.


Do you sell bigger sizes of your products?

Bigger sizes of product tend to be used more slowly, requiring a stronger preservation system to keep the contents safe for a longer period of time.  One of the main tenants of our company is to provide the freshest, safest and most gentle skin care products available.  By using containers that hold approximately 2-6 months of product, we feel we are better able to meet this promise.   We understand and appreciate that using fewer containers is better for the environment so we hope in the future to be able to offer a recycling program for Polliwog Essentials product containers.


Do you have any other products besides those available on your website?

Yes, we do!  These products are typically sold around different holidays throughout the year.  Stop by often to see new offerings and specials, sign up for our newsletter, or check out our Facebook page for specials and alerts!


Can I get a sample first?

Yes!  Please go to our Contact Us page, and let us know what you would like to try.  We allow 1 free sample prior to a first order.  After your first order you can request additional samples (1 free per order).  You may also order as many samples as you like for a small handling and shipping fee.  Just send us a note and we’ll set you up!