About Us

Polliwog Essentials, LLC is a small artisan skin care company located in the beautiful valley of Missoula, Montana, and it is right here where all of our creations are conceived, formulated, produced and packaged, all by hand and all in small, carefully controlled batches.  

Looking to nature, we spend countless hours studying the effects of natural oils, butters and extracts on the skin, and through extensive formulating and testing continue to produce a line of highly effective skin and personal care products, free of irritating additives, colors and fragrances .

We never test any products on animals nor do we purchase our ingredients from suppliers who do!  Recently we were awarded Leaping Bunny Certification for our firm commitment to anti-cruelty and no animal testing.  

And, because of our commitment to offering the freshest products available, we will never warehouse or store our products or sell to any store that practices warehousing.  You can rest assured that all products you purchase from us are freshly made and free from the synthetic preservative systems that enable products to sit in warehouses for years.

Beautiful skin is attainable for everyone when it is provided with the right environment to repair and restore itself.  Polliwog Essentials products can provide your skin with that environment, and help bring out its own, beautiful glow!