Is there really any difference between commercial “natural” skincare and handcrafted skincare made with natural ingredients? Aren’t they really the same?

As with almost any question that can be asked, the answer is, it depends on whom you ask!   If you ask a cosmetic chemist working for a big box company, you are going to get one answer and if you ask an artisan who works in natural butters and oils, you are going to get quite another!  And since I can really only speak for my own beliefs and philosophy, here is what my answer is framed in a question:  Is there really any difference between a big box fast food burger meal and a gourmet dining experience? Aren’t they really the same?  I think most of us would say no!  If you disagree, that’s fine.  Stick with the fast food meal.  If you agree, read on.

 The devil is almost always in the details, and while it is easy to say one thing is just like another, is it really?   Is that hamburger made from the highest quality beef available, or does it contain fillers?  What about those fries?  From where did they originate, and exactly what did they go through before they made it to you?  Are they made only of the highest quality potatoes?  Are the people dishing it out concerned with providing you the very best dining experience with the very best ingredients available?

 With skin care products, a look at the label can provide a quick evaluation as to how much of the product is actually made from beneficial ingredients. If water is the first listed ingredient, it likely makes up more than 75% of the formula.  That only leaves 25% for inclusion of the remaining ingredients.  If there are 15 or more ingredients listed, how beneficial can they be to the skin at a 2% concentration or less?  Also, is the water in the product distilled, and if not, is there the possibility of it being full of metal deposits?  And, what about the quality of the remaining 25% ingredients?

 Whether it is a meal or a lotion, it all comes down to this: What is it made of, exactly, how is it made and how invested and dedicated to the consumer are the people who created it?

 I believe that creating an excellent skin care product means it has to be formulated from the finest, highest quality ingredients available, that those ingredients must be gentle and that they must perform extremely well, without condition.

 So, fast food or gourmet experience? With skin care as with anything else, it is always up to the consumer as to what is important to them.  What is important to you?

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