Endings, changes…and beginnings!


Happy March everyone!

 Signs of spring are everywhere, from the arrival of birds that have been absent from view since October, to a subtle greening showing through the brown carpet of last year’s well-tended lawns.  These harbingers of the new, replacing the old, provide a reminder of the natural cycle of change.

 I am asked from time to time, how I came up with the name “Polliwog Essentials”.  While there is a quite long, (if not entertaining story behind it), the main concept is

 -Change and positive transformation-

 Something I learned long ago is that nothing can remain static. Everything around us, the grass we walk on, the air we breathe, the streams we cross, in fact every cell in our bodies is constantly changing.  And while these changes can happen in very small and imperceptible ways, change is going on all the time.

 Sometimes the changes we experience in our lives are not what we would consciously choose, and other times change can be cathartic and wonderful, may I say transforming? 

 And while we can’t always control change, we can often make big, positive differences in our lives when we choose to make even little changes wherever we can.  Maybe we start by taking up a class on something that catches our interest, or try a sport or doing something personally for ourselves that enriches or brings us joy.  Change is a funny thing.  After a while, all those little changes can really build up steam and help us transform in ways we didn’t dream possible. When we take hold of the reins where we can, the positive results of these little change “tweaks” can reward us with better health, a happier outlook, new friends, and a fuller life!

 Never stop looking for signs of newness and for ways you might take those reins and bring about positive transformation.   It’s early spring, and the air is ripe for change!

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